Get Personalized Dental Care From Our McAllen, TX Dentist

At Kenneth W. Baker, DDS and Associates, offering personalized dental care is important to us. Our patients like it, too, which is what has kept so many of them coming back to us for decades.

Residents of the Rio Grande Valley have been getting personalized care from Dr. Kenneth Baker and his caring staff at the same McAllen, TX location since 1980. Every member of our team, which includes Dr. Baker’s wife and two of his daughters, knows your name. They know your personal preferences, too, from when you like to schedule appointments to whether you sometimes get chilly in our chair and need a blanket.

To visit a dental practice where you’ll always get personalized and nonjudgmental care, call  (956) 232-8029.

We Make Anesthesia, & Everything Else, Easy

As a clinical evaluator, Dr. Baker gets early access to some of the latest dental products. You and your family benefit because he uses some of them in our McAllen, TX dentist office to deliver the best care. For example, our anesthesia delivery system painlessly delivers anesthesia only to the area involved in your procedure. You won’t feel a thing, not even a stick! You won’t have to wait to get numb, and you won’t walk around afterward with a numb lip and tongue.

He also offers the latest technology and treatments, like the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique, an alternative to a gum graft that restores your receding gums to optimal health in only an hour. You’ll rarely need a referral from Dr. Baker because he offers a full spectrum of care, from dental exams to dental implants. Consultations are free for orthodontics and cosmetic dental services.

To enjoy personalized dental care for you and your family, call (956) 232-8029. Our McAllen, TX office is located near Bill Schupp Park. We welcome patients from numerous communities in the Rio Grande Valley, including Weslaco, TX, Edinburg, TX, and Mission, TX.

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