Solve Dental Problems With Oral Surgery in McAllen, TX

If you’ve experienced bone loss in your jaw, that can lessen your chances of successful placement of dental implants. Fortunately, McAllen, TX dentist Dr. Kenneth Baker can perform oral surgery that beefs up your bone quality for implants. Among these procedures:

  • A bone graft to spur new bone growth
  • A sinus lift to add strength in your upper jaw

Dr. Baker uses some of the latest dental technology, like digital X-rays and 3D imaging, to see if you’d benefit from one of these procedures. To book a consultation with him, call (956) 232-8029.

You Can Get Other Oral Surgery Procedures, Too

Dr. Baker, a Fellow and Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, performs other oral surgery procedures that some dentists refer out to specialists. They include:

  • Biopsies to check for oral cancer or other conditions
  • Tooth removal, including wisdom teeth extractions

Instead of a traditional gum graft, he treats receding gums with an innovative procedure called the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. It’s less invasive than a gum graft, and you’ll recover more quickly. Because it can be completed in just an hour, it’s sometimes called the lunchtime gum lift.

Our Anesthesia System & Sedation Keep You Comfortable

You’ll need anesthesia for your oral surgery procedure. Our anesthesia system numbs you immediately and only in the area of your mouth where you need it. It wears off quickly too, so you won’t experience any lingering after-effects. If you’d like to be less aware of your procedure, you can choose from two types of dental sedation: an oral sedative or IV sedation. Either type of sedation will keep you completely relaxed.

If you need oral surgery, you can get it at our McAllen, TX dentist office. Call (956) 232-8029 to make an appointment, or use our handy online form. In addition to McAllen, we welcome patients from nearby communities like Edinburg, TX, Mission, TX, Weslaco, TX, and Rio Grande City, TX.

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