Replace Teeth With Dentures in McAllen, TX

Dentures have a long and colorful history. Teeth taken from soldiers who died in battle are just one of several unusual sources of material used to make replacement teeth. In the here and now, they are still a popular way to replace teeth. That’s no surprise, since they can be less invasive, more affordable, and more versatile than some other options.

The newest types of dentures can be attached to dental implants. Doing so makes them more comfortable and convenient. To find out more about dentures with implants, partial dentures, and other dentures options, call Kenneth W. Baker, DDS and Associates at 956-232-8029.

Dental Implant Dentures Feel & Function Like Natural Teeth

Because they sit on top of your gums and rely on suction to stay in place, traditional dentures tend to slip, especially when you eat foods that require lots of chewing. That won’t happen with dental implant dentures. They stay put, without adhesives, so you can confidently eat whatever you want! You can choose replacement teeth that you can remove yourself or ones that only your dentist removes.

Implant dentures offer other advantages, too:

  • Your jaw stays strong and healthy, because implants stimulate the bone much like natural tooth roots do.
  • Without that bone shrinkage, you won’t need fit adjustments.
  • Depending on the kind of dental implant dentures you choose, you won’t need a special cleaning routine. You can simply brush and floss like you did before you lost your teeth.
  • They feel, look, and function so much like your natural teeth, you might forget you even have them.

If you’d rather not get implants, you can get traditional full dentures or partial dentures. If you never want to be without a smile, you can get temporary dentures to wear during the healing period that follows teeth removal.

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