Chew Normally Again With Restorative Dental Care in McAllen, TX

Few pleasures are as simple as biting into a juicy apple. Yet it’s a pleasure you may no longer enjoy if you have damaged or missing teeth. Fortunately, McAllen, TX dentist Dr. Kenneth Baker can repair your dental damage with restorative dental care so you can resume eating the foods you love.

Our restorative dentistry procedures will:

  • Fix cracks, breaks, and other issues that impair your oral function
  • Eliminate infection, decay, and other painful problems
  • Fill gaps in your smile by replacing missing teeth

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Restorative Dentistry Fixes All Kinds of Dental Damage

It doesn’t matter whether your favorite foods aren’t on your plate because of cavities, infection, broken teeth, or missing teeth. We can fix your problems with restorative dentistry that includes:

  • Tooth fillings. Your smile will look completely natural, thanks to our tooth-colored composite fillings.
  • Dental crowns. We use digital technology to take impressions of your teeth, because it’s more comfortable and less messy for you than traditional impressions.
  • Inlays and onlays. These dental restorations are the right fix for cavities that are too large for a filling yet not large enough for a crown.
  • Dental bridges. You can replace a single missing tooth or several teeth with a bridge.
  • Root canals. If your tooth is infected, a root canal gets you out of pain and keeps your tooth intact.

Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

Dental implants are a versatile tooth replacement because they can be used with a dental crown, dental bridge, or even dentures. Unlike some dentists, Dr. Baker both places and restores implants. You can get your entire dental implant procedure, from start to finish, from him. Thanks to his advanced training, he can even perform techniques like All-on-4®, during which a full arch of fixed replacement teeth is attached to just four implants. You’ll get your implants and your replacement teeth in just one visit!

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